New butterfly keyfob

  1. My new butterfly keyfob just came! When I ordered it through JAX after seeing it on the drilldown, the CS rep said it was orange, not red, so I wasnt sure what I was getting. Well its as red as can be! Looks just like the picture in the drilldown post. I'll try to figure out how to post the photo.
  2. are you going to put it on a bag or on your keys??? :smile:
  3. I think I'll save it for the spring and then replace my snowflake keyfob w/the butterfly!
  4. aww its so cute!!! :flowers:

    i'd get it but it looks like the same exact color as my apple keyfob!! :shame:
  5. Cute, congrats!
  6. I think I'm gonna have to get this one, it's so cute! Enjoy :tup:
  7. so adorable and spring-y!
  8. Wow, that is so cute. I must have one!
  9. That's really cute!
  10. :popcorn: post pics soon!
  11. How cute!
  12. It's sooooooo cute!! I love it!! And embossed leather is my Coach favorite!!
  13. omg, I havent seen that! I LOVE it!!!! I think it is gonna go on my Xmas list:graucho:
  14. I've been seeing this around a lot! It's so adorable, enjoy it!
  15. I ordered that one too. It'll be here next week. I can't wait for all of my Coach packages to arrive!

    Glad to know that it is in fact RED.