new, but not "really" new 2.55 and gloves

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  1. well, these are not really new because i got the 2.55 over the summer, but since we are moving all of my stuff is all over the place and I just found this purse in a storage box. so although i did NOT just purchase it, it's RE-new to me!! haha! i also have the 2.55 in black with gold chains.

    these gloves are from last year. unfortunately, since i was unable to locate them, i bought another pair on ebay last week! oh well, now i have two pairs!!

    ps. for some reason the picture came out "pink-ish"

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  2. New or re-new, the bag is amazing and the gloves are darling. You really should post a pic wearing both.:yes:
  3. Gorgeous as always!
    Oh I NEEEED those gloves! NEEEED them!!!!
    I wonder if they're faked? I don't know if I could spot the real deal unless they were obvious.

    What's the normal retail on those bad boys?
  4. I love Chanel gloves...:heart: and boy are they expensive! That's why I haven't bought a pair as yet. Maybe at sale time.

    I love seeing all your stuff, dbt! You have fabulous taste. Everything you own is so wonderful!!!
  5. Wonderful bag and gloves!! Enjoy wearing them :smile:
  6. Ahhh, my favorite Chanel style!
  7. i dont' remember the retail on the gloves. i think between 400-500 dollars. but the sick part is that i got the 2nd pair on ebay for like $200! so that is 1/2 or more off!!

    the gloves are shearling and are DA BOMB! they are super soft and really, really warm. the downside is that (because they are shearling) they stretch. so make sure you get a pair that fits very snug because IT'S GOING TO STRETCH!!

    thanks for all of the nice compliments. i like the 2.55 in grey. that is my fave.

  8. omg. i'm too embarassed to take a picture of myself and POST IT! let me work up the courage! :shrugs: :sweatdrop:
  9. Tina, you have to be fabulous looking with that fabulous collection! Don't be shy. :biggrin: You paraded around a pool in a bikini and Chanel belt, LOL! I don't think I'd have the guts to do that!!
  10. Gorgeous!!!! I'm craving for gloves now..
  11. oh god. i know, it's weird, because i'm not shy!! i guess i feel a little embarassed. so how do u guys do it? take a pic of ur reflection in the mirror?

    do people take pictures of themselves with their chanel so that members can place a face to the name?

    i'm working up to it...i am....

  12. super cute raquet and balls!! love them!
  13. well, this is me! with dark hair and the other pic is me with blonde hair. and that is my husband, dominic. i'm easing into this photo thing....i guess i'll take pics of me with a bag some day soon....taking it slow.....
  14. VERY CUTE. Lost and found, that to me means COMPLETELY NEW. Wow you must have a lot of purses to lose this one!!!! You are the gal with the two cute looking bischons?
  15. yes, they are maltese. i changed my avatar pic as i'm working up to taking pics of me with a bag. i guess that is a popular thing on the forum!!!
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