New Burgandy Ramona Biker Bag

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  1. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has one Burgandy Ramona available. The trim on this handbag is in python. The retail is $1895.
    Burgandy Ramona.JPG
  2. Did you purchase this bag?
  3. Chanelboy works there and is a great SA.
  4. Is he about 21ish and dark hair? I've chatted with a really nice guy there who I told should join the forum. Wonder if this is the same SA?
  5. wowza~!
    me like!
  6. So love the colour.

  7. That would be me, well maybe. There are two guys that work in the designer handbag area. I work in the CHANEL boutique.
  8. The gentleman I am referring to gave me his card and took my information, but I did mention he should join the pf. If you are the same guy who's first name starts with an "A", then I'm so glad you came aboard!:yahoo: Either way, thanks for the cool photos and I'm sure I will see you soon.
  9. I really like it.

  10. Nope, it wasn't me then. It was the other guy that works in Designer Handbags.
  11. gosh, it's huge! Not for me :sad:

  12. It is available in the Riki style, too. I really like oversized bags, though.
  13. I know, I know... I like oversized bags too... on others. They look positively huge on me:shrugs:
  14. The color is very nice. Thanks for sharing. =)
  15. I really like that colour!