New Burberry Bromley Handbag

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has one Bromley available from Burberry. The retail of this bag is $1665.
    Bromley Burberry.JPG
  2. Very pretty bag!
  3. Lovely!!
  4. Very cute shape!
  5. cute bag!!
  6. very nice, i like it.
  7. I like it!
  8. I really like that bag!!!
  9. Ok,i have a question,is this the same bag?I heard its called The Beaton bag?I am officially confused now?!?!

  10. The bag in your photo looks like the python beaton $5,040.

    The one referenced at the beginning is the "two pocket bag" $1,665.
  11. The one I posted a picture of is called the "Bromley" in the Burberry catalog
  12. so cute
  13. Thank you. :flowers:
  14. Very pretty bag!