NEW Bulgari Save The Children ring

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  1. Anyone thinking of getting Bulgari's new Save The Children ring? :smile:


    Bulgari's official news release:

    I think it's great they've decided to adapt the popular B.zero1 ring design into one with a very accessible price point, plus some money goes to a charitable cause as well. :smile:
  2. I may get it, the price is reasonable and I'm in the education field, so it seems like a match!
  3. I was thinking about getting one but I was worried the price would be ridiculous. For $370 I might buy it. Is there an exact release date?
  4. It should be arriving in stores this month, if it's not out already.
  5. This is really pretty; I like it a lot better than the first band they did. Nice to know this campaign seems to be raising so much money for such a good cause.
  6. Emi beat me to posting about this =P I really want this ring, and am thinking of getting it. I was planning on purchasing a pink gold B.Zero1 ring a while ago, but the price of this is even better; especially since its the same style =)
  7. I see this as a small stepping stone towards getting my dream B.zero1 ring - the 18kt white gold with pavé diamonds:


  8. Nice choice....
  9. cute ring, but i kinda wish they'd give more than 75 from each ring. oh well, better than nothing.
  10. Hehe, my dream B.Zero1 would be a stack including a plain pink gold, a white gold w/ pave diamonds and a plain yellow gold band. Or if I had the money, I would totally get this:

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  11. I ordered the "children" ring from the website, will let you know if its a keeper.
  12. Thanks. I'm also in education field and like the ring too.
  13. Maybe I am a jerk or a crazy person for thinking this, but I feel like if there's a contingent for a piece of jewelry/clothing/whatever, that says the proceeds go somewhere, I don't tend to prefer buying it if less than 50% of the selling price doesn't go to the charity.
  14. Someone has to make a profit, no? Even so, a little goes a very LONG way; especially for third world countries. It depends on the dollar value of a nation. It is rare for the proceeds of charity items to be 50% and above though.

    Don't get me wrong, I do get where you're coming from, however. Most companies only do these charity purposes just so they can have a better 'image' in consumers' eyes. I learned this in business politics. But in this case, I get a ring that is much more cheaper than a gold version, plus I'm helping out in some way, makes me feel good inside anyhow. =)

  15. I went to bulgari yesterday and I saw the ring, very cute and reasonably priced, but I went home with a three band rose gold instead.