New Bulga Colours (and a New Style) for Fall!

  1. I know I am a bit obsessed with Bulga, but can you blame me? Their leather is TDF! ;) I am getting an Edith today (DH is coming home from a business trip!) but he said that the Bulga leather is still softer than the Edith (I hear the *gasps* from Chloe fans!)

    I checked out the usual sites for Bulga just now and saw new colours (finally!) for Fall, and 2 new styles. Without further ado, here they are:

    1st and 5th Pic: New Styles (3 zipper tote -- looks like an old style which is why my thread title only says 1 new style, but slight modification, now there are 3 zippers) in Navy and Choco

    New colours: Taupe, Jazz, Navy, Satin Blue and Foam.

    photo creds: ActiveEndeavors for the 1st, RevolveClothing for the rest
    Bulga 3 Zipper Tote (Navy).jpg Bulga Butterfly Tote Taupe.jpg Bulga Large Butterfly Jazz.jpg Bulga Large Flap Tote Navy.jpg Bulga Multi Zip Bag Choco.jpg Bulga Crescent Tote Satin Blue.jpg Bulga Med Butterfly Foam.jpg
  2. I love the Bulga leather too! I also just saw the new colors go up on the websites and I can't decide what I think of them . . . I have too many blue and brown bags but I like dark/deep colors. What do you think "jazz" looks like in person? I can't decide if I think it is pretty and different or kind of :yucky:
  3. I have too many blue bags too, but I am seriously coveting that Navy flap tote. (It's my absolute fave style, I have it in Hazel and Choco). The jazz on screen almost looks like the previous yellow/lime one, but maybe in person, it will look mustard-y. The foam looks interesting IMO, maybe for a light coloured bag it won't pick up too much dirt...? (one can always hope).