New Bulga Butterflys

  1. Does anyone know if the bulga will release anymore small butterfly totes?
  2. the butterfly bag is a pretty old version for Bulga... It hink they've since moved on in a completely different looking direction.
    But who knows, they might always revisit it!

    Why are you looking for one? I see them pop up on eBay every so often
  3. I've been looking for a medium bulga butterfly too. Have you seen them anywhere besides eBay?
  4. I really wish they would! I wish they would do an entire collection of the butterfly bag in really cool colors (and lots of them) lol! I have a medium butterfly from a few years back (in dark brown) and I just love it! While the leather on bulga bags is AMAZING, I dont think I like the direction they have gone in. I dont really love any of the bulga bag shapes and all of the colors just seem ehh now.:hrmm:
  5. I've seen these at Nordstroms Rack (San Diego) as recently as two weeks ago. Believe color was light brown/tan shade and price was $149.
  6. I don't have any kind of discount designer store near me that might have any. Has anyone seen any online besides eBay?
  7. there's a website called, they have them !
  8. You know, I think Gustto's Parina bag is very similar and the leather is TDF!! This is from Revolve, where your can get 30% off your first purchase ($625 - 30% = $437.50)

  9. Has anyone ever bought from that site? Is everything authentic?
  10. Does anyone have any experience with
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  11. Is the Gustto Parina a heavy bag?
  12. i think it's a heavy bag
  13. Revolve is 100% authentic!

  14. Oh no not at all. The Gustto parina is totally lightweight just like the Bulga butterfly. Theyre both super soft and squishy, really terrific leather that both hold tons of stuff.
  15. Thanks so much for the info. I was curious and have heard that they were heavy and that they weren't. Do you have this baga nd if so, would you mind posting some modeling pics? Anyone else want to post modeling pics of Gustto Parina? I've never seen them irl before. Thanks much.