New Bulga Bags?

  1. What do you think of this new bag? I'm loving it-you?The gold one is smaller and cheaper at $640, the blue is $735. Saw them at Revolve Clothing.:rolleyes:

  2. something about it doesn't do it for me. maybe it's the rectangular-ly shape.
  3. That is SOOO weird.

    this morning on my daily morning walk through penn station to get to work, this girl was carrying this bag, in the yellow color as pictured.... i walked faster to see waht the bag was... and i thought to myself it looked kinda BULGA-ish to me... now I know.

    It's a cute bag in person... but I dunno if i'd pay 600 dollars for it.

  4. I wouldn't either-but I can wait for it to go on sale. I love Bulga handbags because their leather is so nice and soft!:yes:
  5. I love the bulga leather, too. I bought a few of the bags but this latest style isn't attractive, IMO.
  6. I have a Bulga that I love. The leather just gets softer and softer. The only thing that bothers me about that bag is the short handle may make it hard to get into.I have the Bulga tote stud bag that has a nice long zipper. Love the blue color of the new bag though.
  7. justwatchin, i know what you mean about the short handle. i have the bulga flap tote and i love it but i would love it more if it's easier to get it on my shoulders.. but i'm sure during the summer it would be a lot easier.
  8. I am sure the leather is wonderful, but the colors are off for me. I go for a butterly leather rather than mustard. Baby blue doesn't do it for me either....other intense blues work though.

    Everybody's taste is so different.
  9. they are cute, but not for that price
  10. I think there cute!
    i bet the pics don't do them justice.

    I had a Bulga bag that has the most incredibly soft leather and the leather on these is like buttery soft.

  11. Ditto.
  12. I'm fond of the colors but not of the shape of the bags.
  13. i saw the turquoise one on sale a few monthes ago at Barneys co-op. it was really cute but its ssoo big that i think all of my stuff would get lost in it! haha. i think it was on sale for around.. $350-400.
  14. I was just at the bulga website. I LOVE their bags. The leather is divine. For some reason I can't quite explain, I am enchanted by Bulga!:shame: I have three of them and still want more!
  15. I really want this bag