New build: pay builder to install granite countertops, or do after home is finished?

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  1. Any thoughts? TIA! :smile:
  2. Bumping this because I want to know as well:yes:
  3. It is most helpful to know how you are being charged by your builder.

    If they gave you a budget at so much a square foot and you are deciding to go over your budget then it is best to have them install what you want. You will save money since you will only be paying once.

    If you have them install a counter top you do not want, you will not only need to pay for a new counter top you will have the expense of removing the current one, plus the plumber to change the sink and a possible problem with your backsplash and cook top if you have one.

    Also, all the framing for the cabinets will already be correct for the counter top you want. Remember granite or any stone or solid surface is much heavier then plastic laminate.

    IMO it is always best to have what you want installed when all of the workers are on the job as opposed to calling them all back after the project is done.

    Remember the mess will start all over again, and the waiting for someone to show up is money and time as well...;)
  4. Agree. It's also very easy to put it off longer and longer once the home is built, and then suddenly you're 5 years down the road with no granite.
  5. First of all get quotes for both.

    Here there would be tax advantages of having as part of the purchase price of the property but that could be totally different in the US/ AZ

    Its going to be less hassle to get them done by the builders but if the price is massively cheaper to get it done afterwards then the hassle can be worth it. Just ensure the tops will be of the quality you want as certainly some builders are guilty of using very budget materials that look great in the show house but have no durability.
  6. duplicate .
  7. I think I'd have the builders do it if they can provide you with the granite that you want. Often they only have a few styles for you to choose from because they purchase it in large quantities.
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    DF's family has a construction business and they're also builders. He says to do it after the fact because the markup cost on the upgrades are astronomical. For example, he says that it costs $2.50 each to put in pot lights but the home buyer is charged $200+ each depending on the builder. Plus he says that you can choose the slab of granite you want if you do it after. Also see what your contract says and see if it will allow you to bring in your own contractor to do the work while the house is under construction.