New Bubble Quilt?

  1. Hi ladies, I was browsing through the reference section and i saw a picture from a magazine/lookbook that goiingnuts posted... IT'S GORGEOUS! has anyone seen or heard about this new bubble quilt? Cos I WANT IT!!!!!
  2. Hi Jeshika,

    This was part of the 1st batch of bubble quilts that came out in London. I wasn't too keen on the strap because its attached to the zipper - so when you open up the zip the strap goes along with it. Dunno, just my 2 cents worth.
  3. Really? oh Boo! It's so cute though. I just found out that NM only sold it in the catalog.

    Thanks for letting me know!
  4. it's actually very cute IRL. i saw it at bloomies scp and almost went home with it, except the leather had weird tarnish/discoloration on the back and the SA told me both of her dark beige bags looked like that. ugh.
  5. This is cute ... does anyone know how much?
  6. $995!
  7. wow, i agree, that's super cute!!!