New Brown Signature Carly- Love it

  1. I finally took my New Brown Medium Signature Carly out for a Trial on Saturday------- I love it. I have never had so many compliments on a purse from strangers!! The Brass and the Brown Signature are stunning together.

    I was debating between the Black or the Brown Signature and I am glad I picked the Brown--It is so Beautiful!

    I purchased a Solid Brass dogleash clip at Ace hardware Store for $5 (looks identical to the one on my Carly) and extended the Shoulder drop a few inches. It is so comfortable now! I wore it into the Coach Store today to see the new Floor Set and my SA thought the idea was fantastic. She asked if I minded if she told her customers about adding the Solid Brass dogleash to add to the shoulder drop.

    It looks just like it came that way- those who can't wear their Medium Carlys with a winter jacket could just add this and they could wear their Carlys in the winter also. Coach should start selling these as Extenders for the shoulder drop on their handbags!! It only takes a second to add it on.
  2. what a great idea!!!!!! PICS pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Awesome idea! Once again a savvy coach girl has a brilliant idea!
  4. Yes lets see pics of you wearing it!!!
  5. PICS PLEASE!!!! This is the reason I RETURNED a few medium Carly's....b/c they dont fit comfortably over a winter coat!!! Please post pics of the "extender" LOL..and a modelling pic of the new drop the bag has! Thanks!!!!
  6. Great idea! I may get another one after hearing this. :yahoo:
  7. I just bought my large chocolate carly and absolutely love her too! the color is stunning.. yummy!! Great idea on the extender! :tup: post pics!!!
  8. can you post a pic of the dogleash on your carly so we can see it??
  9. Thats a GREAT idea! I couldnt' even tell at first you added something to the bag! Bravo!
  10. cool idea! thanks for the visual!! :tup:
  12. I love the brown sooo much.. I wish I could get both brown and black!
  13. What a good idea! The main reason I don't yet have a Carly is because I was afraid the straps would be too short. Thanks for the tip!
  14. Looks great!