New Brown Purse

  1. Bought this on saturday..

    What do you guys think? ;)

    I am loving it.. :love:
    DSC02352.JPG DSC02353.JPG
  2. I LOVE the color and detail! Who makes the bag? Where'd you find it? Great fun bag for spring!
  3. I think it's real cute!
  4. Very nice color!
  5. Wow, congrats!!! She's fabulous:love: !! Give us some more info, lol! What size is it?
  6. congrats! it's really cute
  7. beautiful. I'm not totally into the tassle but I would totally buy it anyway.
    yeah, how big is it?
  8. Who makes this bag? It's really cute. I love the color.
  9. Very cute. The leather looks very yummy!
  10. Oh! I love the color! Congrats on your new purchase!
  11. It's so cute and hip!
  12. very nice!
  13. I got it in a little italian leather shop in Malibu.
    Its only made to order. You can specify the color and size that you want. :love:

    I was deciding between the white and the tan color.. but chose the darker brown instead.. :lol:
  14. Ohhh cute!
  15. My bag size is 13"width by 9" tall. Almost the same size as paddy.

    They have it in slightly smaller size. but i like the bigger size. :smile: