New Brown lambskin available

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  1. I just got a call from an SA but i am going to pass....

    its like the one from the catalog but larger PM me if you are interested and I will give you her info.

  2. OMG!

    That is one gorgeous bag!
  3. im closing my eyes...turning off the PF........LOL..OMG..How pretty..sniff...u enabler
  4. LOL.

    She only has one ladies. I don't want to keep her from selling it so I'm checking here first or else I will let her know to take it off hold.......

    let me know
  5. Saks NYC has it in black, both in the medium and jumbo size. call susan if you're interested. i saw it and it's beautiful but i wasn't too crazy about the muted hardware. it looks a bit tarnished.
  6. ^^that's's exactly the muted hardware that got me all gaga about this bag! I tried it on this week at Saks and was soooo tempted!
  7. Saks BH has this bag. I just saw it couple days ago.
  8. They have the brown and black in abundance at Saks, Greenwich! :smile: The SA said the leather was much more durable, but I have no idea if that's true or her attempt at getting me to purchase the bag haha. :smile:
  9. Yes, that's true. The leather is much more durable. I saw a brown lambskin IRL at Saks BH.
  10. I just picked up my new brown lambskin yesterday and love it!! The leather is not as buttery soft as traditional lambskin but I'm gaga over the new hardware. Am waiting for burgundy and then it's NO MORE for a while.
  11. Congrats! Please show us pics, I would love to see it!
  12. OH, I love that bag! It would be gorgeous for fall. :push: I can't look either cause I've been too bad for this month. :roflmfao:
  13. I just saw it at Saks Greenwich, CT yesterday. It's a jumbo size. The leather has a bit of a shine to it. It's very pretty but I personally like the dull finish of the original lambskin better.
  14. oooohh!!!! I love it! :drool:
    Is the hardware gold or silver?
  15. The one I saw in Saks Greenwich had silver hardware.