New Bronze City and Origan Box

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  1. I just received my bronze city and it's sooo nice. It looks great with my origan box. I'll definitely be wearing some earth tones to work next week to give it a test run!
    Picture 001.jpg Picture 005.jpg
  2. Oh wow! I never would have thought those two colours would look so good together. Congratualtions - they're beautiful!!!
  3. Love them both! Congrats!!
  4. Thanks! I just got a new laptop (the old computer is pfft) and I'm trying to learn all the new programs that came with the new one. I was used to my old photo editor and the new one will take some getting used to. So my photos aren't the greatest!
  5. Beautiful Both of them. Origan is one color that is really starting to call my name. :yes:
  6. Thanks for sharing! Now I can finally see a clear picture of the bronze! I love it!:love: How is the leather? How does the metallic leather compare with the non-metallic leathers? What colors would the bronze look best with?

    I love the 2 colors together! They are so pretty!:heart: :heart:
  7. Zacorey: I think the bronze will look great with autumn shades -- browns, deep corals, beige, taupe, reds, etc.

    Powderpuff: I love the origan. I really like certain shades of green and taupe and this is in that family. I'm so glad I went with origan.
  8. Oh -- The leather. It feels a bit plusher and because it's lamb (not goat) I doesn't look veiny. At least mine doesn't. It's quite pretty. Sort of festive.
  9. Oh- I wish I could touch the bag!!!!!!! Sounds great!
  10. Rondafaye- i love your Origan bag. I was so lucky today because i just found my Origan City. Great choice for all year around.:love:
  11. I love both of pretty, and perfect for fall! Congratulations!
  12. :wlae: awesome!!! they look beautiful! :drool: thanks for sharing pics!
  13. :yahoo: Yahoo! Those are two gorgeous bbags!!!!
    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. Beautifil, I love those colors.
  15. Love them both:drool:! !!!
    Thanks for sharing pics!