New Britt tote...returning

  1. received my Gucci purchase today the New Britt tote black leather w/ stripe lining and gold GG logo on one side, not loving it like I thought I would. Nice leather but I'm so use to smaller bags like a satchel. I have to new britt hobo in the brown GG canvas and popincourt LV . I wanted a leather black bag and the price was great. Should I keep it and possibly love it after each use. Anyone have photos of them with the bag. Please post so I can decide.
  2. anyone have photos of them with the new Britt tote... still on the fence with returning it
  3. Sorry, I dont own the bag, but I did consider buying it during the sale. I think its a great bag. Very versatile and I like the leather. Its more understated gucci. Not in your face. I would say keep it. If it were me that is. If you dont feel you will use it that often that maybe return and use the money towards something you really love. I'm not very helpful. Sorry;). I'm curious to know what you decide?
  4. I'd keep it, too. I'm sort of regretting not getting that bag. It's a great price for a leather Gucci. Post pics of you with it!
  5. I am leaning toward keeping the tote, great price and all leather. ( I have the new britt hobo in the brown canvas) If I send it back I'll regret it, I know. I can't send anymore$$$ to get another bag, its Christmas time and I have more gifts to buy.
  6. Good decision! A woman can always use a classy black leather bag! Thats my opinion anyway.