New Britt or Jolicoeur???

  1. I live in a country where Gucci STILL doesnt have a retail outlet. India has LV and Dior, but no Gucci....since Christmas is around the corner I've asked one of my friends to bring something for me since she's coming to visit. I'm stuck between the New Britt tote and the Jolicoeur tote. I would like to know which one is more durable and sags less. I hate the way the LV speedy sags when its full. From what I see on, I feel the new britt might sag when its all loaded up. Please help me decide cause once the bag is here, I cant send her back!! TIA ladies!!
  2. I am thinking the opposite, the new britt has a leather bottom and won't sag. But I like the straps on the Jolicoeur better, heavier and thicker leather. Straps of the New Britt is quite soft and thin.
  3. are the straps on the jolicoeur tote made of leather?
  4. yes, and it is a bit wider than the new brit straps.