New Britt Medium Tote vs. New Britt Medium Hobo

  1. I'm debating on which black bag to purchase from the sale. I'm one to carry alot so I like totes but I'm willing to downsize my load.

    What I really need to carry is my wallet (checkbook size), small cosmetics case, cell phone and keys. I know that the tote will carry it but all my bags are totes. Is the hobo roomy and will it fit all my things and maybe a small umbrella?

    I tried to do a search but I didn't really find what I was looking for and I also searched on eBay for pictures of the inside of the hobo but didn't really find anything good.

    I just ordered the hobo so I need to decide fast!

    Thanks for all your advice!
  2. can you post the link to which one your talking about.. thanks. It's just for quicker reference, so we can all look at. ;)
  3. The hobo will work fine with all the things you said you were going to put in it. Its very cute!! Good choice. Im sure you're very aware that the bag itself is very thin, in depth. If you put your umbrella in it, i would just stick it up, instead of maybe side ways. Hope that makes sense.
  4. def the tote
  5. go with the tote
    the hobo isn't that wide
  6. I like the tote.
  7. I love the hobo! I think one strap is so much easier sometimes.