new britt med. hobo....?

  1. So I bought the new britt medium hobo with off-white trim in January when it came first Gucci... and I have never used it!! I don't know why but I guess b/c since it was my first I didn't want it to get dirty! But now I'm not 100% satisfied with my 1st Gucci purchase, because I reeeaaallly llloooove the white guccissma leather bags. :confused1:

    Do you think I should have gotten a white guccissima instead? I went for the new britt hobo b/c the price was soo good.... It's brand new and never been taken out of the duster. Should I keep it or sell it and buy a white guccissima??? Where would I sell it and get all my $ back?

    Thanks for any advice!!!! ;)
  2. I have a New Britt Hobo also and I love it. I suggest giving it a try.

    Here is the thing about the Gucci Guccissima White leather. This is at least my experience with it. I HAD and loved the White Guccissima Princy Boston bag. You can see it is it still in my signature below. The problem with the Guccissima leather it is a very soft leather. And the best way to describe this is just like a tennis shoe. You know when you buy a white leather tennis shoe how nice it looks? Well then after a few times wearing it, it gets creases in it and then the dirt gets in it and not matter what you do it still looks dirty. That is what happened to me with my white Boston bag just after a few times using it I was not happy with the way it was wearing.

    I have a Black and a Brown Guccissima bag and I love them. I am sure others have White Guccissima bags and never had a problem. It is just my experience with mine.

    Another problem with trying to sell your New Britt Hobo is you will lose at least 25% most likely closer to 50% of what the bag is worth as sad as it is resale value of Gucci bags is not that good.
  3. Thanks Beljwl! Your pup is soo cute :smile:
    Yes I always see the hobo in your picture! So you love it? A lot of people who have it here love it so that is also one of the reasons I bought it.

    OOhh resale not that good? Yikes! Thanks for sharing your experience with the white guccissima leather! I would not be happy at all if I spent that much money on it and it turned like that after only a few times!

    Anyone else have this problem with the white guccissima leather?
    Anyone else have the new britt med. hobo?

  4. ^^^
    my friend got a black britt for christmas, and then a white smaller one (i guess it's the medium, as her black one is like a tote bag), and she loves it. it's small for me, but she's a thin gal and it is very flatterng and seems functional.

    that said, if you've had it this long and aren't digging it, you may just have to cut your losses.