New britt med. hobo mistake?

  1. Hi all!

    I bought my first Gucci back in January and haven't used it yet!! I bought the new medium britt hobo with the white trim. I know for sure I can't exchange it now! haha

    I know everyone loooves this bag here, but could you give me lift that I didn't purchase the wrong one so I can actually use it!!?

    I really love big bags, and this one seems a little narrow/small to me for some reason (and I'm 5 ft tall! lol)

    Any help or encouragement, thanks!

    OH and I reeaally wanted the pink mini belt bag when it came out - I've been sleeping thru the sale! Are there any left ANYWHERE???
  2. Do you have a pic of the hobo, I'm a little confused about which one it is. If its the one I'm thinking its a beautiful bag and you'll defiantly look good with it. The pink bag may pop up in some of the other online stores like bluefly/jomashop...I remember seeing some pink stuff but I'm not sure if its the one you want.
  3. It's from the Cruise collection...
  4. I just received the Britt Hobo w/cream trim today! It was a birthday gift from my husband and I LOVE it! I am 5'6 and it fits perfectly over my shoulder. I was debating between an abbey tote and this one. I am glad this is the one I got- it it so sleek but holds a lot! Hope this helps!
  5. isn't this too tight under the armpits?
  6. The new britt is HOT HOT HOT! Does that work? :graucho:

    I think the hobo is quite dressy, look good w/ tees & jeans, and also sundresses. It's a great choice.
  7. LOL! YES, thanks sooo much! I better use it before summer is oovver!! :roflmfao:
  8. Whoa what a nice husband and nice bday gift!!
    Congrats!! :yahoo:

    Yes this helps thanks!
  9. I have the New Britt Hobo and it is my most comfortable bag to carry I own. It never slips off your shoulder like a lot of the others do. Maybe the reason I find it so comfortable is because it is so thin. I also usually prefer bigger bags.

    Do not feel bad about not falling in love with it right away. It took me almost a month to use mine the first time. Actually my white Guccissima Princy Boston has been sitting in it's dust bag un-used for almost 3 months until about 3 days ago. It is weird how we buy such expensive bags and then just let them sit un-used for months and then once you start using them you fall in love with them.
  10. oh ok thats not the one i have but no it wont fall off your shoulder. it looks like a lot of people said nice things about it ^^ so go ahead and use it! sometimes i fall in love with some bags after using it, they grow on you=)
  11. post pics of you wearing it so we can say more encouraging things ;)