New Britney!

  1. Wow, she looks REALLY good for being a month out from giving birth! I'm not sure about the hair...but you've got to give her snaps! Ladies...thoughts?:upsidedown:
    britney-planetblue55.jpg normal_britney-planetblue7.jpg
  2. Well, it's the first time she doesn't look like a complete hooch IRL. She looks like a normal person.

    BTW, love the sunglasses.:heart:
  3. She definitely needs a better bra. Those girls aren't as perky as they once were.. but she's definitely not looking as trashy
  5. I think this is the first time in a long while that she's looking good.
    I hope this is start to a new begining.
  6. Thank God she got rid of that horrendous black hair.

    Not a BS fan at all but I do have to say at least she looks presentable here.
  7. She looks cute in these pics. But it wouldn't kill her to brush her hair.
  8. Yay! she's back!
  9. My thoughts exactly! Lose some more weight, get rid of K. Fed and then she's back to being the old Britney!
  10. This is somewhat better, I'll give her that!
  11. She looks like the old Britney somehow.. i hope she finds her way back!
  12. She is wearing clothes- for once. Her girls look to be riding low... Is she NOT wearing a bra?
  13. See! You can still look good with a turtleneck! I think she looks great. Now she doesn't look like she belongs in a trailer park.
  14. I like her look here... at least it's far from trashy!
  15. It's definitely an improvement!:P