new britney spears song Leaked

  1. A new Britney song has found its way onto - its very slow - but her voice is amazing on the track. It sound very much like a demo - i cant imagine anything like this to be on the new album hopefully!!
  2. i gotta check it out.
  3. Anybody's voice can be great with help......Her past 15 minutes concerts a few months ago prove she can't sing.....but lip singing she can do great....
  4. I listened to it. It sounds like her when she first started out.
  5. just after listening to it and i think its not bad at all
  6. The song sucks! :tdown:
  7. ^^ it doesnt.
  8. Her voice sounds nice, but I'm not diggin' the lyrics.
  9. I think it sounds alright. I had to listen to it super quietly since hubby & babe are sleeping right now, but from what I could hear it's good.

    I think that this is probably a track that hasn't been worked on yet...Wonder what it will sound like when it's on the CD
  10. Her voice has always annoyed me(not to mention the fact that she cant sing a lick without the help of a studio, hell I can even sing well with a good producer!).
    This track is no different, it sucks IMO.
  11. Ugh I hate Perez Hilton. I don't want to give him hits on his website. Are there any other sources?
  12. Something about BS and Leaked in the same sentence just makes me LMAO!!
  13. sounded pretty dull to me, and her voice isn't that great... it def. needs some polishing...
  14. She sounded good.
  15. I thought it was quite good. Better than i had expected.