New Brighton Blue

  1. Wow that's pretty. What a gorgeous color.

    Now if only I had not wasted all my money paying my mortgage and other bills, I could have this lovely bag. :P
  2. thanks for posting this pic!
  3. Wow, that is a beautiful color! :love: Thanks for sharing HG!
  4. Gorgeous! Love it!!! Reminds me a bit of thallasa.
  5. Beautiful, i would love it in box or chevre
  6. I do really love the color myself. Thanks for posting HG
  7. Aaah that kind of looks like bleu roi to me! Love the blues.....
  8. I'd LOVE a Plume in BB Chevre!!!
    Gorgeous blue!
  9. that's really a great blue, I wonder how it would look in a Bolide
  10. I bet that would be really gorgeous.
  11. I think you are wanting some chevre there Greentea.
  12. ^^ I think you're right!
  13. Exactly what I was going to's a beautiful shade! :love:
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