New briefcase - sorry for not great picture.

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  1. I am no whiz with the digital camera, but here is the best I could do to capture the new briefcase. a 41 cm sac a depeche (sp?) which I am very excited about. Its black clemence with palladium hardware. Being black clemence and silver, while I didnt exactly plan it this way, it does happen to match my 35 cm birkin bag and my 31 mou bolide. Not that I would carry them all at the same time! That would be too much of a good thing :smile:

    Thanks once again for pushing me accross the finish line on this (particularly jaegerhomme - you said you had one for several years and holding up great - that really did it for me).
    Picture 009.jpg
  2. Oh no! i can't see any bag in your picture! BUt congratulations nevertheless! I am sure it is beautiful!
  3. Oops - sorry about that. here it is.
  4. GORGEOUS JM! Glad to see that you went for it--absolutely rich in the Black Clemence.
  5. Jedimaster, that is just spectacular.
  6. Oh WOW, jedimaster! That really does look stunning. Congratulations!
  7. Very smart! Congratulations!
  8. beautiful. understated elegance. love it!
  9. Will you carry it by itself, jedimaster, and tuck your essentials inside along with work stuff?
  10. Very sophisticated!!! Too bad something so nice has to deal with Work!!
  11. It really is stunning!
  12. Yes indeedy, that is truly understated elegance and class at its best. Carrying a briefcase like that to work would almost be enough to make me look forward to going to work. Congratulations!!!!
  13. It's gorgeous! When I read "briefcase" I was thinking of something more utilitarian looking. This is just beautiful!
  14. It's beautiful...congrats!
  15. I am hoping that a 28 cm togo (not veiny) retourne kelly bag, with palladium hardware, will magically pop up...that would be a nice thing to tote around with the briefcase, so the briefcase can stick to the "briefs"