New Brea PM in Amaranthe....advice, please!!

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  1. Hi everyone, i am looking for some advice. Was in my local LV store yesterday and was introduced to the new Brea, had v little time to look and my lovely SA is holding it until today for me to have a 2nd look... would b delighted to hear from anyone who already owns...and if anyone has any photos....thanks gals...:yahoo:
  2. I think it is beautiful!!! GO FOR IT!!!
  3. is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  4. Hi Gals,

    Thank you all for the wise words and encouragement....especially Ellie for the link to the forum was fabulous!:yahoo:
    I will make my way to LV tomorrow....:broom: Modelling pics will follow!! Thanks again so much!!
  5. I was at LV on Saturday and was looking at the Brea MM that my SA was holding for me. After I put my stuff into it to "test drive" it, I found it to be too heavy. I just sold my MC Rita for this same reason...Plus I thought the carry handles were too short (not enough drop length). JMHO... I decided not to get it after all. Still loving the Galliera GM though! ;)