New Brass Keychain!

  1. Do you like it? I put it on my Speedy 30... I think it looks good.

  2. Love the charm! But i dont like mixing brands ... thats just me though im sure
  3. im jealous....i want that keyfob!
    but i dont like mixing brands either, put it on your leigh!
  4. I like the charm, but wouldn't put it on my LV since it says Coach....that's just me tho!
  5. I agree with everyone else. I wouldn't put a Coach keychain on an LV, but that is just me. If you like it then do it!
  6. I love that keyfob but can't find it anywhere! super cute!
  7. Me too!

    I've never seen it in the boutiques. I've been searching quite hard! :crybaby:
  8. Very nice... I think I would hang it from the other leaf though :smile: But congrat's its cute, I have one and just love it.
  9. Love that keyfob. Congrats. I have it and I think the only way to get it is order it. My SA ordered it from JAX for me.
  10. I got this when it came out, love it! But I can't mix brands either. I use it on my Legacy Shoulder bag.
  11. I dont have trouble mixing brands but if I had to use a coach charm on my LV it'd be something like the apple charm or an initial. Something that doesnt really scream coach KWIM? I am looking for a juicy or coach charm for my Lv right now, so far no luck. If you like it just go for it.
  12. I :heart: that keyfob!!
  13. i love the charm and you bought it and it can hang off of any purse you buy. i mix brands if i feel like it. it looks good! coach and lv can live in harmony. they do at my house.
  14. Beautiful! I just recently nabbed one myself that I plan to use a bag charm too.:tup:
  15. here, here! i agree! :tup: although it says 'coach' and is on lv, the brass color matches so beautifully, and who doesnt love heart charms? i dunno, i like it! :smile: