New bras!

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  1. i finally got the 2 Le Mystere bras I ordered ages ago. I bought a Dream Tisha in ballet pink and a Carina in pecan.

    The Dream Tisha feels great on! I also recently found out I had been wearing the wrong size all these years-so, that probably helps too-LOL!

    Now-I had read someplace once that when you first put ona bra-you should adjust the straps and the back part a certain way-can't remember now if you should put them all on the tightest parts or the losoest-anyone know?
  2. on the loosest ... elastic stretches so if you hook it by the widest, the bras will last longer
  3. When you get a new bra, you should always put the closure on the loosest setting. This is because as the bra gets older, it loosens up, and that's when you begin to move to the tighter ones. :amuse:
  4. Thanks ladies-i am really loving this bra!
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