New Brangelina Photos

  1. [​IMG]

    She looks great. Her baby weight seems to be gone. I think that they are the understated version of David and Victoria Beckham.

  2. Great pics! Thank you for posting!:yes:
  3. awww...they have such a great looking life. :smile:
  4. I still am bitter about them... I don't know why actually I do, I'm really not a big fan of hers... haha. But they do look good :smile:
  5. Megs, me too. . . . I'm oddly fascinated, but not a fan.
  6. I just knew that baby weight would melt RIGHT off! (I hate her for that, hehe)

    I agree that they are the laid-back, more "natural" (and WAY better looking) version of DB and fake nips or orange tans here!!!
  7. Thanks for the pics...they look fab!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for sharing! I love Angie, she's so beautiful and I love that she is not "hollywood" plus I think she's got a huge :heart: ... and Brad himself is not so bad :P
  9. I'm not a lover of Brad and Angelina. I'm with Megs. I'm bitter.
  10. I agree - they should start a countdown for this relationship lasting as they have for Suri Cruise sightings. She doesn't have the best track record and he seems like a complete boob.
  11. Absolutely love them! Wish them all the luck!!
  12. They look great together!
    Love them both
  13. Some women have higher metabolism (especially those who have never gone on crash dieting -- really ruin body's metabolism) than others. My best friend's figure is the same as pre-pregnancy days not long after giving birth. Lack of sleep and breast feeding certainly play big parts.

    As for their previously failed marriages, I strongly believe that not everyone can find the perfect person the first time around. Some don't end up finding the one after N number of attempts with other people. AJ certainly changed a lot over the past few years, she realized that she could no longer be self-centered/self-destructed after having a child (ie Maddox).

    Many members think that Vince V is a better catch than BP, but they seem completely different guys. According to tabloids, VV is the type of guy who doesn't have a care in the world. He's able to have lots of fun via drinking/gambling while BP's just ready to settle down & have kids; JA's good friend Courtney Cox said in a recent interview (Marie Claire I think) that she could only comment on VV & JA having fun or a great time (i don't remember exactly what she said). If I were to choose someone to settle down with, he certainly won't be a 40-year old guy who's still into partying scene day & night -- call me old-fashion. =) Hey, if VV & JA are happy with that, let them be. Whatever rock their boats. LOL. =)

    As for JA: She admits to doing pots & doesn't see anything wrong with that, she & Courtney Cox dated the same guy (at different times of course), how come she's never judged?

    Ladies, life is too short to be bitter. =) Plus, we don't know any of them anyways. Cheers. =)
  14. Angelina looks great!
  15. Nice pics and thanks for sharing