New Brands - who do you like and where did you find them??

  1. Hi All

    have stayed away here for months - much too addictive! But am now in shopping mode so had to come back for some advice....

    I've been thinking about the Fendi patent tote - saw it in Purple late last night and am in love....BUT I am thinking it may be time to be original and try a new brand.

    I want a luxury bag but not the usual MJ, Gucci, Chloe etc that all my friends have....any suggestions???
  2. Thanks, FlyVetJo and Kbell. I love the Venus from Be & D - but my friend has one (she was the first of our group to come with Be & D)

    Any others out there? Thanks!
  3. Rebecca Minkoff, Thomas Wylde or Gryson?
  4. ooh thanks for those - had completely forgotten about Thomas Wylde bags (been working way, way too much!) Thanks, Mockinglee