New Brand - Arayla Made in LA

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  1. IMG_0946.JPG
  2. When you search, you have to click on "groups" category, otherwise it won't show in the results.
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  3. Thanks. I was wondering why nothing showed up for me, too! I found the group.
  4. I am very much looking forward to my Havana Harlow. I’m sure that @muchstuff and I will be posting lots of pics as we will be bag twins!!!
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  6. My pretty bag colors - Orchid and Malibu - both of which I am getting with silver hardware and this silver grey lining (can't see the sparkle in the pictures). Cannot wait!!
    orchid.png malibu.png
  7. I'm havana with chocolate suede and dark grey pebbled leather with violet suede..and you know they'll look 100% better IRL, lighting is always such an issue in photos! havana and chocolate suede.jpg grey violet swatch.jpg
  8. Such gorgeous colors and linings!
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  9. Wow I am really jealous of that Havana with chocolate suede, gorgeous.
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  10. Do they do any suede on the outside? I have chocolate suede purse goals.
  11. Ask Mia if they’ll do a bespoke one. They have two weights of suede. Let her know you're a tPF member, she likes us :lol:...
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  12. I really LOVE that grey pebbled with violet combination! I don't really have any grey bags and between this and the Titanium Harlow posted earlier you guys are really making me want grey!
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  13. I don't have much in grey either so I'm looking forward to getting this one!
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  14. Looking forward to our Havana Harlows with that suede but I confess to wishing I had also ordered the grey with violet. Next time around!
  15. Why don't you ask Mia if its not too late? After all, they'll already be ordering these colours for me...