New Brand - Arayla Made in LA

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  1. OK so Vlad said in a post not that long ago that they were looking at doing that on tPF. Actually I think he said they were working on it. I don't THINK I dreamed it, maybe I should ask...
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  2. I have never tried to start a group either but would be ok with trying to add each other on FB if you need to add a friend!
  3. My classic Harlow in Titanium :love: Thank you @muchstuff for introducing me to Arayla bags when posting your beauties in the BV and Bal threads! IMG_0260.jpg
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  4. If anyone wants to send me a message with their FB info so I can friend you, I will try to create a BST group
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  5. So beautiful! I have the same bag and love the drape.
  6. I was able to create the Arayla BST on FB with the help of one our friend to add as a friend. I made it a closed group so anyone wanting to join will have to request it on the group. I’ll post some info on the group later.
  7. Glad we found them, can you post a pic of the titanium in outdoor light when you have a chance?
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  8. Here it is outside! It is cloudy and rainy so not the best light right now!
    IMG_0280.jpg IMG_0282.jpg
  9. Love the colour, I wasn't sure from the website but it's beautiful...and the leather:heart:...thanks!
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  11. Thank you. I sent a request to join!
  12. Thank you ! It is the perfect shade of grey for me! The leather is sooooo silky! I'm totally in love:heart:
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  13. YEA! That is wonderful. Will go right now to join!!!
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  14. I just searched for Arayla BST on Facebook but nothing popped up.
  15. It’s there but I can’t send a link. It’s a closed group. If you want to pm me with your FB name, I can add you.