New Brand - Arayla Made in LA

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  1. @muchstuff which colors did you end up getting? I think you said that you also got two bags.
  2. I got the Havana with chocolate suede lining, and went off-group with the second bespoke (I wanted the pebbled leather which wasn't offered as one of the group bespoke choices). My private bespoke is dark grey with violet suede lining. And now no more bags for quite awhile...:lol:
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  3. They both sound beautiful! I will also be taking a break from purse shopping after these. I really need to spend some time enjoying what I have (and selling what I don't use!), I've bought quite a few bags in the last 6 months.
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  4. Same here, I have a few posted for sale and a few more to go. Not quite one in one out but it’s at least an effort to clear a little space!
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    I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the color. It is much prettier than it looks on the computer. I am more of a red/black/bright blue, etc., person...never wear clothes in the tan/beige/brown family of colors. I ordered this color only because I eliminated the other colors, lol. I am so very glad I did. Hubby has commented on how much he likes the color twice since yesterday.
    And because we need a little humor each day, he commented that it "reminds him of the other black bag I had that looked so much like a doctor's bag" but he likes this one much better. I replied, "Thank you dear.":biggrin: Gotta love 'em.
  6. I hear you!!! In the last few days I have donated three bags, gifted one and sold one. It is so liberating and I am really pleased with all of the ones that are left. I can honestly say that there are not any bags on my wish list right now at all.
  7. One other thing to share this morning. With the demise of my other favorite small bag designer, I am happy that Arayla is still up and running, that they have improved their bags and I can still look forward to things from them in the future. I have five Arayla bags, each one a favorite of mine.
  8. LOL - funny what our spouses say sometimes, isn't it?
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  9. I am eagerly awaiting reveals of the Havana. :biggrin: It's simply not the right time for me to spend on bags so I couldn't even entertain jumping in, but I am loving the idea of some updates and that leather is TDF.
  10. Me too. The combination sounds so lovely.
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  11. We might need a BST group for Arayla at some point!
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  12. Yes, yes, yes
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  13. Oh please!
  14. Sorry, BST?
  15. BST= buy, sell, trade

    It is usually a group on Facebook where we can pass on bags to others who like the same brand.

    I tried to create a new group but I need to add a friend before they let me start the group. I’ve never created a group before so I’m not sure if I am doing it right.
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