New Brand - Arayla Made in LA

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  1. For the group bespoke, I just heard back on the options for the leather, lining, and hardware.
    Signature butter leather:
    Onyx (black)
    Pale gold
    Ink blue (dark navy)
    Malibu (a brand new saturated greenish blue)
    Sapphire metallic (a brand new subtle metallic version of our sapphire butter leather)
    Taupe (a brand new cool pale taupe reminiscent of a milky coffee, may be limited quantity)
    NOTE: metallic leathers are $40 per bag (difference in cost between metallic and regular butter leathers)

    Signature shimmering textile:
    Silver black
    Golden black
    Silver grey
    Golden sand (pale taupe with shimmering golden threads)
    Silver sand (pale taupe with shimmering silvery threads)
    Red (shimmering golden threads)
    Mid teal blue (shimmering iridescent threads)
    Pine green (shimmering iridescent threads)
    Upgraded lining choice (+$30 per bag)
    A range of colors (please request)

    Antique brass

    Now that we have our options, what are your selections for leather, lining, and hardware?
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  2. Since there are so many options, maybe we need to decide on a style first. I have votes for Hepburn, petite Hepburn, Harlow, and Austen. What is your vote for style?
  3. My vote is for Harlow.

    Can they give us a picture of the Malibu and Sapphire metallic leathers?
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  4. I just received my preloved titanium Hepburn from another TPF poster. It is lovely, looks like new. I was surprised that the gray leather is so different from the scarlet leather on my other Hepburn. The gray is very smooth, like the Harlow leather. The scarlet is very pebbled. So it is like having two different bags. I went back to the Arayla site to see if both are described as "butter leather" and they are. I did notice that the pink swatch on the site looks like the red, very pebbled. Has anyone else noticed this. I am not complaining, I like them both. I was just surprised.
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  5. Just confirmed from Arayla team that petite and regular sizes of either Hepburn or Harlow count as one style.
  6. Yes, I noticed this as well. My sapphire is a lot smoother than some of the other butter leathers. I think the individual characteristics make up the difference--its difficult to find every skin to be all smooth or all textured. I know they try to find skins that are as uniform as possible.
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  7. I will check.
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  8. My vote is petite Harlow.
  9. The taupe as well please.
  10. My bags have landed, will pick them up tomorrow...:happydance:
  11. I will be curious to read your reaction. I am SO taken by this leather-- thick, soft, supple, and feels like the skin of a peach. Not sure how else to describe it. Maybe it is just the espresso which BTW is an absolutely gorgeous color that will go with everything -- cool and warm tones at the same time. And I'm loving the gunmetal hardware with it. I don't care if it tarnishes to brass (which I read was a problem with this run) because I'm used to how that looks with what happens to the aged brass on Balenciagas. I think the effect will be really vintage. I already put Leather Honey on mine to soften it up a bit, and wow!
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  12. wow, so many options. I'm very interested in the Hepburn style in Pewter or Sapphire metallic which sounds gorgeous (will be helpful to see a sample). The blue green color also sounds interesting. Not picky about the lining, I will go with what the group wants. With these colors, I would likely choose silver hardware.

    If the group sways toward the Harlow style, then my color preferences change slightly. I would be interested in the Whiskey color, with aged brass.
  13. The girls are here! My opinion based on having them in hand for an hour...very nicely constructed bags.The petite Harlow in Havana is a stiffer leather due to the different process (vegetable dyed) and is one of those bags where you can just see it getting better and better as it breaks in. Pliable enough now but the leather, already lovely, will be gorgeous once its all soft and smooshy. Well finished, well lined, sturdy hardware. Great front pocket with a strong magnet close. I can carry it on the shoulder by the existing strap although I'd like about three inches more drop (I'll probably get most of that as she softens). Great shoulder strap, really well-made weight distributor which I'll have to take off as I have narrow shoulders and they never work for me. Beautiful bag, very pleased, I'd have loved this in the larger size as well.
    The larger black sample front pocket like the smaller one as its a first gen bag but a perfect size and the strap is a perfect length. Totally different feel to the leather than my Bals or BVs, nice and thick and chewy but with a slightly grippy? feel to the leather, not a slippery finish at all, hard to describe but I really like it. It'll be interesting to see how it wears. One small section of the sealant didn't quite make it over the edge but this is after all a sample bag so I'm not complaining. I can touch it up to make sure its sealed there.
    The linings in both bags are well done. Good-sized slip pockets (yay!) and a back zip pocket, everything finished nicely. Both bags carry on the shoulder very comfortably.
    One thing, I'd have preferred the tassels to be double-sided so both sides of each tassel is finished, similar to Balenciaga tassels. But it's a small point. I can't speak to wear yet, obviously, but based on what I see so far I'd recommend the brand.
    fullsizeoutput_3d4.jpeg IMG_7190.JPG fullsizeoutput_3d5.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3d6.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3d7.jpeg
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  14. Based on your pictures, it looks like the smaller size doesn't drape like the large bag does because of the different leather?
  15. Exactly. It's not as soft but with much potential to get there with use. But beautiful as is.
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