New Brand - Arayla Made in LA

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  1. So, I heard about Arayla from a friend of mine and I wanted to find out more info but there wasn't a thread on here so I thought I would start one. I began following Arayla on Instagram and was instantly impressed with their bag designs and the philosophy of the company. The bags are ethically crafted out of really beautiful premium leathers in Los Angeles. I love to support companies that keep their production at home in the US. They also seem to create their bags with the working woman in mind.

    I have the reveal pictures and will post more as I use the bag and get the feel of how it wears and carries.
    arayla1.jpg arayla2.jpg arayla3.jpg arayla4.jpg arayla5.jpg arayla6.jpg arayla7.jpg arayla8.jpg

    I had a really hard time deciding what color and style to get but the stylist I spoke with at Arayla was so helpful (and patient). I told her my needs and what kinds of bags I prefer and she suggested the Nightingale satchel. I initially wanted a gray butter leather bag but decided to go with the pop of the pewter butter leather. My initial thoughts when I took the bag out of the box after I was blown over by the color of the bag, was how lightweight it was. There are two things that are a must for me. A bag has to be lightweight and it has to have a crossbody strap. This bag has both of those qualities.

    I'm attaching an action shot that shows the size of the bag. I had so much stuffed into that bag since we were out trekking around downtown LA.

    Please post your bag pix if you happen to have any. I would love to see other action shots. I am considering another bag and can't decide which to get next. I will definitely be getting something soon since they are having a grand opening sale with 10% off, no tax and free shipping in the US.

    Here is the website
    Can't wait to hear your thoughts and ideas.
  2. That's a really pretty bag!
  3. Thanks, I am really loving it! I am fickle about my bags and don't carry them for long periods of time unless they are perfect and this is as close to perfect as I have gotten in quite some time!
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  4. Your bag is beautiful-classic and elegant. I love the color. It’s still neutral, but not boring.
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  5. @vixnkitten - I'm glad you started this thread. :smile: I ran across their website and have been intrigued. I would love to see other's bags and I'm curious how these wear over time.
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  6. Thanks lenie and sparkle. So far, I am loving the color and wear of the Nightingale tote. I am so glad I went with the pewter instead of the gray. It feels like it will be more versatile, colorwise, than the gray. I was a bit nervous that the leather on this bag would be too stiff and not give a little and slouch. But the handles are getting softer and the leather, a truly buttery leather as the name implies, is starting to soften up. It has been over a week and I am quite fond of my Nightingale bag.
    I think there is a tote in my near future. I have requested leather samples so I will keep you all posted!
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  7. I was just about to jump on this, but I'm so scared. I wanted the Nightingale, but I also love the Hepburn too!! ARGH!!! Do you really love it??
  8. Hi Sandy.....
    Yes..LOVE it. I haven't had a satchel in a LONG time. I have issues with bags that are not crossbody so I usually go for slouchy hobos. But I have been craving something that I can arm carry. I was actively searching for something that would sooth this itch when I came upon Arayla. The fact that each of their bags comes with a crossbody strap sold me!!!

    This bag is wearing really well. The leather, though metallic, feels buttery soft and is breaking in well. I think the Hepburn is my next purchase as I love a great tote! I'm going to post some leather swatches in another thread. Maybe we can plan our bag purchases together!! :smile:
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  9. I have a few great satchels so I’m thinking about the Austen or Hepburn.
  10. They are both so pretty. Which leather are you considering?
  11. Stunning! Off to check the website!
  12. So many to choose from- I like the pewter, titanium, black metallic, or whiskey.
  13. How tall are you?? I'm 5'8" and plus sized.... so no small bags for me lol.
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  14. Hi Sandy,
    I am 5’8 also about a size 10. I have tried on a few of the bags and none seems small on me. The Monroe clutch is smaller in size so I can’t fit as much in it, but proportion still works on me! I prefer big bags and the Nightingale is great. It holds A LOT but is not heavy at all. What type of bag style do you like?
  15. sound like me. I love the feel of all the leathers.....I am having a difficult time choosing another. Since the color I wanted was not available in the bag I picked, I went out on a limb and got the pewter. Now I can even imagine having that bag in another color....well....maybe the Pacific but I will order a different style first.