New bracelet I just bought

  1. I went macy's and just bought two gemstone bracelets. I bought one that is multicolored gemstones that is two rows and I bought one that multicolored gemstones that is three rows. They are both very pretty and on sale at macy's. I love that they go with everything and they sparkle really well also. Check i out.

    This is a picture of my three row bracelet. They did not have a picture of the 2 row, but it looks the same. THe three row was $175.00 and the two row is $59.99. If you like multicolored gemstones, then have a look at these bracelets at macy's. They are both on sale! You will not be disappointed.:love:
  2. Pretty colors! It sounds like you got a very nice deal. A happy Valentine's day to you gift of sorts!
  3. Congrats, such pretty colors!
  4. Pretty! They had these on sale at my local Macy's. I was going to get one, but I was broke. Great find!
  5. Thanks! I appreciate your really nice comments. I love the colors because they match everything I wear. I showed my boyfriend and he loved the colors and thought it was very nice. He also said, "You don't really buy diamonds because for whatever reason, you like colorful stuff." I thought that was so funny and very true. I hardly ever wear white or black and most of my closet is very bright with colorful shirts. I guess that is why I love this bracelet so much. Happy Valentine's Weekend to you all too.

    I am celebrating Valentine's day today because both my boyfriend and I had to work yesterday. So tonight we are going out to a nice dinner and a movie. I cannot wait! I'm very excited. I will probably wear my new bracelet too. Oh, by the way, many of the stores are having jewelry sales this weekend because of president's day on Monday too! Happy Shopping.
  6. Nice colours. You can match it with anything!

    BTW, tell your boyfriend diamonds come in all sorts of colours too.:tup:

    Have fun!
  7. ^^ I didn't think of that. You did remind me that there is another LeVian ring that is both white and chocolate diamonds in the shape of a flower. I know that brown diamonds are not for everyone, but it is really nice in person. It also comes in sapphire and white diamonds as well. I really like yellow and pink diamonds too, but I know that won't be in my price range for a while.
  8. Congrats!
    Would love to see some modelling pics!
  9. I like it, post pics of it on your wrist when you can.
  10. Love it! thanks for sharing.