New Boy WOC with the heavy chain...your thoughts, like or no?

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  1. Have ya'll seen the new Boy WOC that has the heavy chain without the leather running through it and what are your thoughts. Do you like it? Do you like the older style better? Is this one just for 2019, does anyone know? I can't decide if I want the heavy looking chain because with that small of a bag I'm afraid all you see is the chain and I kinda prefer something so not in your face and softer. YOUR THOUGHTS??!!
  2. I have the boy WOC with the original chain that I bought in 2017 and I've seen the new thicker chain version recently at the store. I do think the thicker chain is very nice and I probably would go for it if I was getting another boy WOC. However, the only negative I have heard about it is that it's now no longer really possible to double the chain to make the bag shorter and wearable under the arm. But I don't think many people do that anyway. I dunno? The great thing about the boy WOC though is that magnetic closure on the bottom because you can fit so much more in it than the snap button classic WOCs. I also just received the envelope WOC for my birthday which too has a magnetic closure and it fits way more than the snap. So in my opinion, I think you should go for the boy WOC. It looks great with either chain!
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  3. Thank you for that info. I was afraid the chain would be over bearing. I love my classic WOC and really only wear it cross body so like you said I wouldn't be doubling up on the chain. I wouldn't even wear it as a clutch because I already have clutches for that. Thank you so much. Have you seen one with a silver or ruthenium chain? Have you heard if they will be continuing making the original chain with that Boy. I am just wondering if this is just a FAD change or a forever change.
  4. I honestly think this is how the Boy WOCs will be from now on so they can look more like the bigger versions of the bags. Saks in Beverly Hills I believe has one with Ruthenium and one with Gold.
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  5. Awesome....thank you....
  6. Which would look the with gold or black with the ruthenium....I thought the ruthenium
    would be more subdued and not so loud....your thoughts???
  7. I super love the new chain since it gives off more Boy vibes, yet not as chunky as the chain on the Boy flaps.
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  8. I love that they finally changed the chains on the boy and reissue WOC to match the bigger bags. It makes it look more cohesive and I honestly think they should’ve done it this way to begin with.
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  9. I love the look of the new chain on the boy Woc. Unfortunately for more petite ppl, it can’t be shortened as there’s a leather strap. But the leather strap makes it so much more comfy to wear, I bet!
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  10. I am a yellow gold girl through and through. On my Boy WOC I have gold hardware but crazy enough, on my old medium Boy, I have black with ruthenium hardware. As much as I love it, I do still wish it had the brushed gold though.
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  11. Love it on you...which hardware is that? The brushed or shiny or what? I'm having a hard time with the hardware. I love the ruthenium but I also love the light gold & the antique gold...but not shiny...thank you so much for the picture..I love the pic...
  12. I have never been impressed by Chanel WOCs, but I think this elevates the Boy WOC quite a bit.
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  13. Talked to the SA. The chain is mixed with titanium or platinum and therefore, it is not as heavy. Try it out in store to decide if it is overbearing.
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  14. I actually shortened my woc strap in my photo above with a thin ribbon! The whole strap can be moved so the leather part can be adjusted to the middle!
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  15. It’s brushed gold! I love it and I’m not a fan of shiny gold. Thank you!
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