New box verses old box.........

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  1. Anyone care to differentiate verbally and with pix? Are bags in stores now in the "new" box?
  2. Old box was thicker, more homogeneous. New box is thinner and prone to subtle striations. Old box was better.

  3. what year did old box end?
  4. Not sure. I think it's been an evolution, rather than an abrupt change.
  5. I think it's old box, new box over at least the last 5 years, and a return to something similar to old box isn't it (new, new box)? There's been talk of Hermes reverting back to something a little more similar to old box, but I'm not sure if it's currently what's on the shelves.
  6. My understanding is the same as orchids'.
  7. Beaumonde has some specific info on this directly from Claude so she should chime in if I get this wrong but - the bags made this year went back to the original box, which was the texture made before (beaumonde please correct me on the date) 1998 or thereabouts. Its confusing to say new or old, since the newest is really the oldest, if you get my drift, but the interim box was stiffer, more irridescent and more weatherproof. The original (which is the current seasons) is softer, less shiny and more scratch prone. However, it can also be restored to a higher degree than the "interim" box. At the Wall Street store, in the men's section, there are black box belts in both old and new and you can do a side by side comparison. Also, if you bought a new bag in 2009 that part of spring collection (eg, July 2008 podium), it is the newer, e.g. original, box. Hope this helps.
  8. Very well put. This is my understanding as well.
  9. thanks!:graucho:
  10. So, what would a 2001 box be new or original? From the gist of this thread, it sounds like it's newer? Speaking of box, do you know how the interior pockets are lined on a Birkin, ca 2001? Would they be lined in the same leather as the inside of the bag or just a suede (probably the back of the leather?)
  11. they started lining the outside pocket wall with chevre with the K stamp i believe
  12. are colors generally brighter in box than say togo or fjord?
  13. Thanks!
  14. Hi! I'm currently dreaming about a bag in box. Would a bag stamped "F" (2001) be part of thee "old" box or "new" box ?