New box design?

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  1. The last bag I got came in a box that had a "drawer" instead of a box with removable lid (which is what all of my other bags came in). The drawer had a string/rope handle. Has BV always had this style of box? Anyone know if all BV boxes will be this way in the future. I thought it made much more sense because it made taking the bag out much easier. Plus, you could stack boxes and still access the contents.
  2. I didn't even know BV had boxes... I like the "drawer" idea, though!
  3. I have never seen! Gives me an incentive to go down to the store to check out these new storage boxes. What colour are they?
  4. Same BV brown as the other boxes. "Drawer" part had some red.
  5. i never had any boxes when buying BV bags. i only got boxes for shoes and accessories.
    i wonder how come some places have boxes, some dont...
  6. Yup, no boxes for any of my BV bags. Actually I wished they come with boxes for better storage altho the boxes do actually take up space.

    The 'drawer' boxes sound ideal!
  7. I like the idea of a drawer style box but I've never seen one. Only a few of my BV's have come boxed.
  8. Sounds like the LV shoe and accessories boxes, the brown boxes that have a cream-colored drawer?
  9. I have many of the drawer style box. This is actually an older style box. The last time the SA told me that they didn't have this style anymore. I don't know if they ran out or just stop making them.

    The drawer style box is very nice, much nicer than the regular box. It has a rope handle and the interior is red. Similar to LV's shoe boxes, but much bigger.
  10. None of my BVs have ever come in a box. only my accessories! have I been cheated? :crybaby: i love boxes. Makes my bags feel protected.
  11. I've had a BV box before.. but I had to request for it. They'll more than willing to provide one.. but I've always had to ask for them.. :yes:
  12. uclaboi, thanks for the info. I am of course disappointed to hear that they might not be stocking the drawer type boxes any more.
  13. I agree w/ you. This drawer type box are really good for storing the bags in the closet. Keeps them organized. I hope they'll still have them later on.
  14. Only my smaller BVs, like wallets and phone straps came with boxes. The venetas certainly did not. Only dust bags...

    Wouldn't mind a nice big BV box to keep my bags and all...