new bouvier just purchased at saks! excited.

  1. here's the bouvier I bought today at Saks! (sorry the pic is awful, digital camera batteries are "exhausted.")


    funny story, though: I actually came in intending to buy a gucci horsebit, which naturally the SA was all for. For some reason though, this bag immediately caught my eye, and I was actually discouraged by the (50+ year old) SA from buying it -- she said it looked "too old" for me. I told her I would rather buy something classic, that I could keep and enjoy forever (plus, at 23, I don't think looking classy has to mean looking "old" -- I'm not going to be teaming this with abercromie and fitch tube tops for crying out loud-) and she continued to try to convince me that the hobo was the better option for me. finally, a younger (Late 20's) male SA walked through complaining that he didn't get the break he was told he could have, stopped dead in his tracks, and told me the colors/etc. looked fabulous on me (isn't this what SA's are supposed to do in the first place?) so I turned to him and said, I'll take it, and walked right past that annoying woman to the register.

    Here is the rest of my modest (in both senses: small and not at all trendy-- which is fine by me) collection:

  2. Congratulations.
  3. Congrats! It's beautiful and truly a classic bag at any age! Enjoy!
  4. So pretty! I have it in black guccisima leather, but I prefer how colorful yours is.
  5. GREAT choice for a first Gucci!! This bag is so classic!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your collection - may it continue to grow!!!!!
  6. very nice gucci...
  7. I love your collection. Very classy! Good for you for getting the bag you really liked!
  8. nice choice! truly classic
  9. A young woman with exquisite tastes! I have that EXACT Prada bag (same color too)and love it to pieces along with my Gucci bags. Good job! :nuts:
  10. Very nice bag. Congratulations!
  11. good choice and great collection!
  12. Congratulations! I hear you on the pushy SA thing. I hate when they try to make up your mind for you. You should get what you love and I'm glad you're happy with your purchase. Congratulations!
  13. I think the bag you decided on is an excellent choice and after all it caught your eye for a reason! Plus I dont think this bag will ever go out of style, good choice.
  14. Love it!! Congrats!!! :heart: Emmy
  15. OMG! drool drool drool...this one is better than my plain brown Bouvier and cuter than the Jackie that I've been wanting! Do you mind my asking how much? I can't find it on