New Bottega Veneta's at Bergdorf's!

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  1. I love these!
    BGV7359_mp.jpg BGV7364_mp.jpg BGV7362_mp.jpg
  2. I really love the woven pattern detail on the second picture (the black bag), it's so beautiful! It reminds me why I love BV :amuse:
  3. I love them all! :love:
  4. Star, I went into their store ans saw two of those bags. They felt like heaven!
  5. But I loved how they spelled 'Veneta' wrong in their daily email! They put in two 't's....
  6. Ooooh, I really love all 3 styles!!! That woven pattern is wonderful, what are the prices like?
  7. seems like most of the bags are 1600-2200
  8. Gorgeous, especially the second one. I really need to get a BV, although my want to get list is so long !
  9. I am really liking the white!
  10. Gorgeous. I'm loving this one too though -

    BGV7360_mp.jpg .:love:

    Is it obvious yet that my favourite colour is green?:shame:
  11. Ooh, I love the material!! I've learned so much about purses since I joined this forum, I didn't even know about this designer before :P How much do these usually run for?