New Bottega Ball bag & update on my BV collection!!

  1. Whee~~~!!
    I'm so happy! So, originally my hubby had got me the Dusty Pink cocker. He saw how much I loved it and decided, instead of getting that 1 bag as V-day & anniversary gift, he was getting me a 2nd one (another Cocker but in Noche) as the 2nd gift for the 2 different events. He brought it home this past week in a BV box w/leather ribbon on it and I was so touched. But, he said he saw the Ball bag in a Noche color as well and thought it was nice and wasn't sure he made the right choice. He took me back to BV today and let me decide which one I wanted. As much as I love the Cocker, I thought having a different bag in my collection would be nice, especially w/the precious money he spent. So, I got the Ball bag in Noche.

    In addition, I was selling some of my wallets to get a new BV or an LV long wallet that I could use for a long time. I saw the purple zippered long wallet and fell in love w/the color. So I bought that. The black continental wallet was a gift last year from my hubby when he got me the hobo, and I had not used it and thought about selling it, but I fell back in love w/it. So I'll keep it! :love:

    I just wanted to share my happy moment w/you guys and thought it'd be nice to provide some photos that compares the styles/sizes/colors of the different BV classic styles and how they look worn. Hope you enjoy them! (and that it persuades you to get one as well :graucho: )
    BVcollectionfront.JPG BVcollectionup.JPG BVBallNoche.JPG BVHoboChocolate.JPG BVCockerPoudre.JPG
  2. and my wallets!
    BVwallet.JPG BVwalletpurple.JPG
  3. Oh, and if this interests any of you, the Cocker is made w/deerskin and the Ball bag is made with lambskin. There was a new bag designated as 'classic' collection called 'Sloan' (something like that) that's fully woven hobo but w/one flat strap and w/flap closure and it was gorgeous. It's in the BV site. The color was this light grayish color in 'Limo' and supposedly it's being selling very well. I could see myself getting that bag some time in the future (maybe next year?? :graucho: ).
  4. OMG, Bella, congrats!!! Can I borrow your hubby for awhile LOL?? That's so fantastic--we've all admired the Cocker bag and now the Ball bag is stunning! I love their wallets; I have that black one you pictured and get so many compliments on it. Where do you shop for BV? I can't wait to see the new things. :drool: I'm as excited about your bags as you are!!
  5. Very nice!
    Now I think I need to update my BV collection!!

    Did you see some of the new resort BV's?
  6. Lovely BV collection. Thanks for sharing!
  7. :nuts: :nuts:

    Oh bella1, I'm SO jealous!! A dusty pink Cocker bag, and now a Ball?? I :heart: BV's browns!! Noche is just SO yummy isn't it??

    Congrats on ya growing BV collection!!!
  8. Wow your bags look great on you! Thanks for the additional info on Bottega someday (soon hopefully) I will get a camera and post mine! I have three as well . . . and then I bought matching cosmetic cases for each bag . . . (why I feel compelled to do that I have no idea!) although I don't have their wallets (their wallets I think are some of the best for organizing stuff) because I carry my LV cherry blossom wallet every day and I am happy with that . . .
  9. Congrats on your new bags, they arecall TDF especially the ball bag is my big love. That's the only bag in my collection which I'll never ever sell.!
  10. Gorgeous, love them!
  11. all your bags and wallets look FANTASTIC! and they look awesome on you!

    i still want my Campana in Ebano, very badly.
  12. Bella
    Your collection is gorgeous! I can see that you are a true BV addict, as am I!
    May I ask what the official colour of your purple wallet is?
  13. Congrats...I don't know which one is my favorite...I love them all! They look so nice on you. What a sweet husband!!
  14. OMG!!! I would fall over dead if my DH volunteered to take me out and buy me a $1500 bag, much less two. He sounds like an awesome catch!

    Your BV collection is gorgeous! I love the color of the cocker. The ball bag doesn't happen to come in that color, too, does it?
  15. Thanks for sharing, they are all soooo beautiful! I have the same Ball Bag and in the same color-isn't it buttery soft? Your husband is definitely a keeper! What a thoughtful guy.;)