New Botkiers at Active Endeavors!!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    There's a ton of new Botkier bags at AE!! I've been lusting for the Cairo satchel in grey and as luck would have it, I just happened to see it on there! Plus I got 25% off! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. The first and only Botkier I've gotten so far was a rose satchel and I was not impressed. Thought I'd give Botkier another chance!:p
  2. There is an asterisk by the Bianca large chocolate and when you open it, it says discount does not apply on this brand or something like that. You got discount on Cairo so I guess maybe this is just on large Bianca?
  3. Hmmm...that's weird. Some of them say that, and a lot don't. I know many people on this forum have used the code with good results. Maybe it doesn't apply to the most popular styles?
  4. I also just noticed that none of the new bags they have up say that codes don't apply. It's worth a shot! Worked for me.
  5. Not to beat a dead horse, but here's what their website states:
    "Currently, coupon codes cannot be applied to J Brand, Paige Premium Denim, Citizens of Humanity or 7 for All Mankind orders due to vendor requests."
    Doesn't mention Botkier, although some individual bags do.
  6. purseinsanity - what was your problem with the Botkier Rose satchel? I've been considering getting that bag, but I would lvoe to know if it isn't very nice in person.
  7. Well, I'd always heard that botkier has amazingly scrumptious leather, so that's what I expected. What I found instead was the leather to be almost synthetic in feel...very PVC-ish. It was a huge disappointment. I've since learned that their metallics are often like that, but if you stick to natural colors, it's the nice leather. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the Cairo! At least AE offers free return shipping!
  8. I just bought the Cairo Hobo in Saphire/Saphire Pony at Nordstrom. It's a gorgeous bag! I'm sure you are going to love your Cairo in grey. My Nordstrom handbag contact is going to also set aside a Cairo Small Satchel in TMoro and the grey and the Saphire so I can pick and choose from those when they come in which should be any day now.
  9. OT: Do you think the model's hair is that curly or do they use a curling iron?

    Can't wait to hear about your bag!!
  10. :p's very distracting, isn't it!? Couldn't even focus on the bags at first!
  11. That sapphire looks gorgeous. What do you think of the pony hair? Does it feel weird or does it work well?:confused1:
  12. LOVE that Cairo? Anyone have some IRL pics? Is it as big in depth as it looks and is the flap over annoying?
    The models hair was the first thing I noticed...not the bag. AE should highlight the bags first and their hairstylists second..LOL
  13. Believe me, PurseInsanity, the Saphire is stunning IRL and the pony hair doesn't feel strange at all, it's exactly like calf hair( I have lots of calf hair shoes so maybe I'm just used to it). Since the pony hair is just an accent you don't even need to touch it in order to access the bag (the hobo at least). I'll let you know about the Satchel as soon as I pick it up this Saturday. In my opinion, it works very well and adds a special touch to the bag (although the TMoro and Gray bags are a knockout also)
  14. What color is TMoro exactly? When I first saw it on Nordstroms, it looked slightly purplish. Other sites make it look any various shade of brown to red. What's it like IRL? And is grey really grey? AE makes it looks taupe! What do you like better...they Cairo hobo or satchel? Sorry for all the questions!:nogood:
  15. I asked this exact question once before. I wanted to buy a Botkier but at the bottom it said, "coupon codes do not apply to Botkier." However, a TPF'er threw caution to the wind and used the code anyway and it worked without any problems. Can't hurt to give it a try right? ;)