New Botkier Sophie line

  1. Anyone else love the new sophies? They are just really cool.
    Interesting color choices too.
    I also really liked the Lola clutch in the blue
    Soooo, what do you all think?
  2. i adore the sophies.. i especially like that lake color (light blue)
  3. Not for me.
  4. I like the clutch, but not in that color. I prefer the white/cream color.:yes:
  5. That Sophie looks like a big smiley face. Am I seeing things, or does anyone else agree?
  6. I think I can't wait for Botkier to make new styles so that the Bianca will go on sale FINALLY....:rolleyes:
  7. I love the clutch! Not too bad price wise and way cute.
  8. [​IMG]I quite like the top handle and the color is lovely but i noticed it is going to be logo lining which is quite a disappointment since the bianca has a lovely suede interior
  9. I'm glad I got my other Botkiers I love so much because this new line doesn't do it for me. A little bland I think. The bags anyway. The clutch is cute. But I will always think the Bella Clutch is the Bomb.
  10. Love it! Perfect slouch!
  11. I love that perforated leatherr on the clutch. The top handle Sophie is nice too.
  12. Cute :smile: but not for me.
  13. the leather on the Sophie looks nice, the color too.

    but the bag design looks like one of those japanese animation robotic superheroes' faces.... maybe it's just me, lol.
  14. Looks like there's going to be a snakeskin bianca. And a few more bags than are currently listed in the drop-down menu.
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  15. I love the look of this bag and the leather quality!

    The tote seems a bit narrow on picures though - any thoughts on that?