new botkier large rose satchel...lots of pics...

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! the leather is phenomenally soft (as soft but thicker than my andrew marc leather) and it is huge enough to hold all my crap. i carried it today for the first time and mostly used the handles on my shoulder - not the shoulder strap - it's just more comfortable that way imo. anyway, here's tons of pictures :smile:

    [​IMG] front of the bag


    close up of the handles:

    close up of the rose (which is detachable)

    me carrying it different ways:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] using the handles
    [​IMG] using the shoulder strap
  2. Beautiful! Thanks for the pictures. Yet another to add to my wish list!
  3. Gorgeous bag! Congrats! I'm lusting after it even more after seeing your pictures!
  4. I love it!!!! Very classy!
  5. enjoy! it looks great on you!!!
  6. Gorgeous! I love it!!
  7. awesome bag! the leather looks TDF!!!!!! enjoy!
  8. It's beautiful. What do you feel about the Rose? Will you leave it on or take it off? I haven't decided on mine yet. I love it but I have had negative comments on the Rose part. All positives on the bag itself (except from my Sis).
  9. Beautiful! Thanks for modeling it for us!
  10. Love it! Gorgeous bag!
  11. Beautiful bag...lokos great on you.
  12. Hey Grechen is the bag heavy? I love the bag but it looks like it could be really heavy
  13. Congrats on that beauty!! It looks perfect for Fall/Winter.
  14. i will keep the rose on, honestly, i don't understand the negative comments! imo, it adds more character to the bag and even a little edge - it's kind of goth-y to me...

    and to answer tenmosquito's was heavy yesterday because i had water, snacks and a hoodie inside for a movie lol, but the bag itself is not as heavy as my trigger. the bag itself is generally pretty light imo.
  15. wow, i like it! how much is it?