New Botkier Crosby - Black!

  1. I was drooling over this at NM but didn't want to pay full boat retail plus Texas sales tax. Couldn't find it on sale anywhere online. Some kind person put this one up on eBay last week! I love the contrast of the brass hardware with the softsoftsoft slouchy black leather! The side pockets with the elastic lipstick holders and mirror are a very nice touch. And the suede lining's gorgeous!!!

    Here's the outside:
    Botkier1.jpg Botkier2.jpg
  2. Looks soft and smooshy! :yes:
  3. And the inside: :love:
    Botkiermirror.jpg Botkierzipperinside.jpg
  4. Wow, what a great looking bag! Congratulations!
  5. That bag is soooo gorgeous!:love: :heart: :love: I'm about to buy a Botkier bag in a few minutes!!!!:yahoo:
  6. ooh- love the seaming!
  7. Oh, gorgeous bag! You are one lucky gal to come across just what you had been looking for. Congratulations.
  8. I love this style! One of my favorites from the Botkier line...
  9. I am using my Crosby Olive bag right now and loving it. What nice lining and side pockets. It's a very very cool bag. Don't you love the shiny leather? The black is very very neat looking but I love my Olive. The thick leather strap is comfortable too. I hope you love your bag as much as I love mine. Enjoy!!! I LOVE Botkier!
  10. Love it!!! It's gorgeous.
  11. Congrats!! Lucky!!!
  12. Beautiful!