New Botique

  1. Our mall has a new Coach store. (Deptford for all the S. Jersey girls) I went in today to try my luck with the PCE. I've never bought at a botique, just at Macy's and online.

    The girls were so nice! I got the PCE without a card, she even gave me an extra box for the one I trashed from using it so much. LOVE the new store!

    I got the SOHO leather flap in black. It's still sitting in my trunk until DH goes to bed. Then I can put it in my closet like it's been there "forever.":graucho:

    I think I read on here that there should be a sample of their perfume in the bag/box?
  2. Congrats on the new bag! Everybody is so lucky to have a store close to them...I have to get on the highway to get to mine, and I'm not the best driver so it's safe to say I can't ever get to one. I'm wishing they would open one up at the mall 15 minutes away from me but it's getting trashier and trashier by the minute. I doubt they'd put anything that upscale in there. It would also be nice if they did though because I may be working at the hospital across the street. That would be deadly!
  3. PS. Macys had some keyfobs for 30% as well as a bunch of purses.