New Bosphore Messengers??

  1. First they were supposed to be out July 1, then August 1 - does anyone know for sure when they will be released??

    On another note - remember the drama with my LV French Purse? I had taken it in because the stitching was coming out after a year and a half. Well they said they would send it for repair. A month later it still wasn't back and the mgr. said that the repair dept. was very backed up and they had no idea when it would be finished. I had a minor hissy fit and said - no - not acceptable. They need to let us know when - 1 week, 1 month - just some idea!! Well he called me back on Friday and said that enough was enough and they would just give me a new wallet!!! But, I'm thinking now perhaps I shouold not get another French Purse (this is the second in three years to have problems) - so I think I'm going to hold the credit and get the Bosphore Messenger PM if it ever comes in!! Ok - that's all!
  2. Why don't you just use the credit for a Koala wallet or zippy? Sounds like you're still in need of a wallet! Hope that helps!
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