New Bosphore Messenger Bags - when??

  1. Does anyone know when these are coming out? Can't wait to see the new PM!!
  2. here is a pic from an older post
  3. it's cute, but if I am still at school would dig it
  4. Anyone know when they are being released??
  5. July
  6. July soon or July later?? (can you tell I'm anxious, haha)
  7. ^ they only told me early July..I am on the list to call for it..So I will let you know when I hear from them!
  8. And how much will the GM cost? Any indication if there is enough space for a laptop or a special laptop compartment.
  9. Thanks Jill - I may call my store on Wednesday and see if they have a more definitive date. Which one are you getting?
  10. hi everyone, nice to meet you!! (my first time here!)
    i just came back from Saks and the manager told me that it'll be out in a few weeks....
    GM is $900 and PM is....i thought he said $640..?! the smallest one is $600, something like that. =)
  11. Oh love the GM! That would make a fine school bag :amuse:
  12. Im getting the GM