New borough highrises coming my way.

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    I haven't purchased a borough since they first came out and I got the pebbled oxblood. I asked my SA today about the bar striped highrise. She had to call JAX and was told there were 20 in stock. Took the phone out of her hand and ordered it right there. Then she showed me the picture of the tan/white she had just ordered for herself and I caved. So I've got these 2 coming along with the vermillion borough keychain (no pic of this). I am so excited!

    Don't know why striped pic is so tiny. They are the same size bag. 11.8" x 9 x 2.8

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393716850.541327.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393716863.119767.jpg
  2. ^Congrats OP!! Do you mind sharing the style numbers? And do you have any idea how big is the striped one?
  3. I don't know why the picture of the striped one is so tiny. They are the same size. 11.8" x 9" x 2.8". The style number on striped is 30355. The tan/white is 30504.
  4. ^Thank you!! Do you remember the prices for them?
  5. What's the info on the Borough key fob?
  6. The two-tone was $478. I think the bar stripe was a little more but I'm not sure of the exact amount because I ordered some other things with it and haven't gotten my email.

  7. Item 62234. Comes in camel or vermillion. Not sure on price since I ordered other items with it, but I think it may be too expensive. If my estimate is right it was over $100. It might go back if I don't absolutely love it.
  8. Lovely!! Congrats. I can't wait to see pics when you get them! Enjoy.
  9. Hmm, I just talked to one of the representatives, and she said the striped highrise borough is not available for purchase yet in the system. Strange...Anyway, congrats on your purchase, and can't wait to see your reveal photos when they come!
  10. Will most definitely post pics. I believe the large black/white can also be ordered thru JAX. Style # 30466. It is too big for me, otherwise I would have gotten it vs the tan/white. Both the striped and the black/white are on the Coach UK site. They have the wrong dimensions listed for the black/white one. According to my SA it is about 15" long, compared to the regular which is 11.9".
  11. Doesn't surprise me. That's why I took the phone from SA and ordered it right then. Surely there will be more as I don't think it's been on the Coach UK site very long. I've never ordered a bag that was on one of the international sites, but not on U.S. Site. Not sure how that works as far as availability. Will post pics when they arrive.
  12. ^^Thanks for the info! I just checked out the highrises on the UK website. The representative told me the new floorset will be out end of March/beginning of April-hoping that's not true! I have a PCE that is good only until March 16.
  13. I was told no PCE with these. They are considered part of the capsule collection. Sure would have helped.
  14. ^Yup, I expected as much...but there are others, like the Bleeckers, that I was planning to purchase with my PCE. Hoping that these would come out in the PCE time-frame!
  15. Did you see a picture of this keychain before you bought it? Is it on an overseas Coach site? Thanks!