New Boots!

  1. Comments, please?
  2. Nice toe shape - wish the heel were about 2 inches higher

  3. I like those too,,,I would want a higher heel as well. :heart:
  4. Nice and classic.

  5. Me too, but I have foot problems and these are my max for heels, I'm afraid. :crybaby:
  6. I love them, they are beautiful but I agree with everyone else, the heels could use another 2 inches.
  7. definitely a classic!;)
  8. I think they are very classy. I am wearing my Loeffler Randalls for the first time today and at the end of an eight hour work day I am very glad for the lower heel. No matter how beautiful the boot, if it sits in your closet because it hurts to wear it then it's not worth it.
  9. Killer.
  10. very nice
  11. WOW! Are they pradas?
  12. ^^^Gulp! No. I blow my "Prada" money on bags. These are from Ann Taylor!
  13. Gorgeous boots! I also prefer higher heel height, but other than that, I think these boots are perfect! Love the shape of the toe especially...great choice!!!!!!
  14. :yes:Love them.
    Hope you purchased a matching bag as well. :P