new board game for Christmas

  1. I jumped to this forum thinking it was really 'board games', not games for the message baord... but this question isn't to o far out of line, so I will ask it anyway.

    We don't play many games as a family, but during the holidays, we generally have more time set aside with guests and extended family where we are looking for a good game to play. The last couple of years we have been playing "Settlers of Catan", but I was hoping some of you might have suggestions for a new game. I think we need a change and don't want to experiment by picking off the shelf at Wal-mart... Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. Trivial Pursuit, the new Monopoli with the credit cards, Cluedo, Risk, Pictionary, Taboo...there's so many! It really depends on what your family is more into.
  3. I have looked for the new Monopoly, it looks great... but, the shelf at Target was empty!!!
  4. wow! monopoly with credit cards? now this i need!!
  5. putting it that way, maybe this will be a great gift for my over-their-limit friends and family members... how much damage can they do on "Reading Railroad"?
  6. Scruples is a good one. People have to answer what they would do in moral dilemmas. It has questions like, "Your fiance gives you a new video camera as a gift. When you agree to break off the engagement you're asked to return the camera. Do you?"

    If you want a quiz game, there's always Trivial Pursuit.

    Apples to Apples is also fun. Someone puts a description card down ("Filthy" for example) and the players have to put down a card stating what they think matches the description ("socks," "magazines," "my bedroom"). The judge decides on the best one, and they win that round.
  7. I love to play Risk, Monopoly and Scrabble!
  8. Got my daughter the new monopoly game and I really like it. Usually I have to be in the mood for monopoly as it last forever! There is no paper money involved, everyone gets a card. You can purchase Disney world, south beach and everytime you pass go its no longer $200 but 2 million! I won and had $61,000,000!